About Club

What is the Club:

Club is a gathering place created by Relation for NFT holders.

It can bring together NFT holders with the same series. Holding NFTs of this series is an important credential to join the club. If all the NFTs of this series are lost, they will be forced to leave.

We hope that through the creation of the club, the warrant function of NFT will be better presented.

The club supports the chat function. In the club, members will take the NFT image as avatar and the NFT corresponding to the NFT serial number as group nickname

The management of the club is automatically completed by relation according to the information on the NFT chain. The club management program completes the member update every 30 minutes.

Creation of Club:

Currently, the online club is a beta version. We have only created 50 clubs for user experience.

The establishment of the initial club is based on the following two principles:

  • This series of NFTs ranked top in the trading volume of all platforms in May
  • This series of NFT holders have a large number in the Relation community

In addition, the club currently only selects NFT projects of PFP type so that members can have a better experience.

How to apply for creating a club

If you think your NFT has many owners in the relationship community, or your NFT has a good performance on the trading platform, you can contact us and open an innovative Club

Please contact us:


Email: contacts@relationlabs.ai

Last Updated: 6/2/2022, 4:15:58 PM