About trending people

We featured some trending people at the heart of the page.

Among them, some people are leaders and leaders in related fields. Users can easily follow them and initiate communication with these outstanding people, listen to their unique opinions, and see what they usually pay attention to.

Some people have provided us with great help in the growth of Relation. Relation hopes to give them this honor, and users can have a deeper understanding of Relation by communicating with them more.

Trend figures are not set in stone, and everyone has the opportunity to express themselves.

If you are KOL in a related field or have made some contributions to the Relation community, you can provide your Relation id and apply to become a trending person.

Note: In order to distinguish the difference between others, please pay attention to changing the avatar before applying.

Please contact us:

Email: contacts@relationlabs.ai

Last Updated: 6/9/2022, 5:54:43 PM